Dialysis Unit


Medical Centre’s Dialysis Unit is a modern facility that offers clients the opportunity to undertake dialysis in comfortable, safe and friendly surroundings.

Situated in the Gippsland Cancer Care Centre, the Unit offers great views and natural light where clients are treated to a relaxed dialysis session.

 Nursing staff

All staff are registered nurses with experience in the Renal Dialysis specialty.

 Each nurse in the Dialysis Unit is responsible for the overall planning, evaluation and implementation of dialysis requirements according to your own personalized dialysis regime.  We will allocate a primary nurse to you upon admission.

 The role of the primary nurse is to act as a resource person, answering any questions or concerns and to educate you in the area of dialysis and renal failure.

Dialysis times

Every effort is made to schedule your dialysis days and times to suit your lifestyle wherever possible.  The Dialysis Unit operates six (6) days a week, Monday through to Saturday. The Unit opens at 7.00am and closes at 8.30pm.

 Dialysis equipment

Medical Centre has nine state of the art dialysis machines. These can cater for a maximum of 36 clients who require three dialysis treatments per week. All machines are routinely disinfected between use and no dialysers are re-used. Your treating Nephrology specialist, in conjunction with you and your primary nurse, will prescribe your dialysis treatment regime.

Please discuss any concerns regarding your treatment with your Nephrologist and/or primary nurse.

Blood tests

Blood tests are taken monthly (unless otherwise indicated) as ordered by your treating Nephrologist.  Blood tests are analysed by the local provider, Gippsland Pathology Service, however some tests are sent to Melbourne laboratories.

 Your primary nurse and Nephrologist will discuss your test results with you.

Outpatient appointments

Renal outpatient appointments will be made with your Nephrologist on a regular basis. Please ensure your primary nurse is advised of your appointments so the necessary paperwork and communication can be attended to.


Your ‘parent’ hospital will provide a limited supply of medications when you are discharged. It is your responsibility to renew your prescriptions when visiting your Nephrologist or your General Practitioner. If you are admitted as an inpatient to Medical Centre, you will need to pay for PBS medications when you are discharged.

Treatment out of hours

If you require urgent medical treatment out of hours, please go to the Emergency Department at Medical Centre. Your condition will be assessed and appropriate treatment discussed with your Nephrologist. If dialysis is required, you may be transferred to your ‘parent’ hospital.