Pharmacy / Medicine Store


The Department of Pharmacy is committed to providing the highest standards of care utilizing state-of-the art technology, high calibre staff, and by promoting education and training. The department operates a comprehensive computerized pharmacy system in the inpatient and outpatient setting.

The major service components of the department are: clinical, inpatient, outpatient, pharmaceutical preparations, medicine information and medical supplies.

The pharmacists and assistant pharmacists work in different sections under the leadership of Senior Pharmacist Mr. Lutfur, In-Charge, Department of Pharmacy & Medical Stores.

Two full-time pharmacists, coordinating with clinical pharmacists and 8 pharmacy technicians, are responsible for reviewing medication charts, dispensing drugs to inpatients and replenishing ward stocks of medicines. This service is provided mainly during the morning shift, while 1 pharmacy technician, assisted by the outpatient pharmacy team, caters to the requirements during the other shifts. All inpatient medication orders and discharge medications are dispensed electronically. The topping up system is used as a means of replenishing the commonly used medications to the wards, while specialized medications are dispensed separately for each patient based on the respective prescriptions. The Hospital is currently working towards introducing the unit-dose dispensing system for inpatients.